We, at The Solitaire Hotels, are committed to providing a clean, comfortable, and most importantly, a safe stay for our guests. In accordance with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the following safety measures have been strictly incorporated in all our properties:-
  • The Solitaire, Haridwar By-pass Road is the only luxury hotel in Uttarakhand identified by the Administration and the Health Department as the preferred quarantine partner facility.
  • All teams have been effectively trained in social distancing and is following the recommendations such as maintaining the requisite distance, prohibition of groups.
  • Solitaire Hotels has an independent air conditioning system and exhaust system for every room which prevents the spread of the virus.
  • Mist fans have been placed at entrances that use sodium hypochlorite to disinfect vehicles, staff, and luggage.
  • All raw material is strictly sanitized before entering the premises, and the kitchen takes extreme precautions to ensure that the food served is perfectly safe.
  • The hotels have private cabs that are sanitized as per required safety standards.
  • Consultation with local authorities- A complete action plan in consultation with the local health department & tourism department has been tailored to prevent and mitigate the virus spread.
  • All emergency telephone numbers and other contact details are made available at the properties.
  • Emergency medical kits including face masks, face shields, disposable gloves, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and disposable waste bags have been made available to the hotel staff
  • All meals, including breakfast, are being served in guest rooms, avoiding buffet spreads for maintaining social distancing. For the same, the covers of the restaurants have been brought down to meet distancing requirements.
  • Proper hand hygiene including regular washing, cleaning, and sanitization of hands of the entire team and guests is being done regularly, including that of vehicles, doors, luggage, etc.
  • Training of the entire team by NDRF and the Uttarakhand Health Department has been duly completed.
  • The properties have been completely disinfected with a high focus on public areas including the front desk, corridors, elevators including buttons, handles, washrooms, keys.
  • All incoming staff and guests are effectively screened for thermal checks and basic symptoms.
  • Travel record is obtained from each guest at the time of check-in. Anything noteworthy is immediately taken up with the medical authorities.
  • Details of all international guests are duly sent to the FRRO.